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What is the current main document guiding midwifery consultation and referral in australia?

Australian college of midwives national guidelines for consultation and referral 3rd edition 2013


In the ACM guidelines for consultation and referral, indicators for risk assessment and referral decisions are organised into 4 sections, what are they?

- indications at commencement of care
- indications developed or discovered during pregnancy
- indications during labour and birth
- indications during the postnatal period


When a variance from normal is identified what are the three steps a midwife may take?

- discuss
- consult
- refer


What is meant by discuss?

- discuss the situation with a colleague (midwife, medical practitioner or other health care provider)
- responsibility for care remains with the midwife


What is meant by consult?

- consult with a medical practitioner
- usually midwife recommends the woman consults another HCP, or midwife may consult on her behalf if woman cannot attend consultation
- ongoing responsibility for care will be negotiated by the midwife, the woman and the medical practitioner, may continue with the midwife (primary care) or be referred for secondary or tertiary care


What is meant by refer?

- woman or her baby are referred to a medical practitioner for secondary or tertiary care for as long as the situation exists
- request for referral should be made in writing
- responsibility for care lies with the medical practitioner
- the midwife may continue to collaborate to provide care within her scope of practice, the midwife's role is negotiated by the woman, the midwife and the medical practitioner.


What is primary care?

where the responsibility for maternity care rests with a primary level maternity care provider (midwife, GP etc)


What is secondary care?

where the responsibility for maternity care rests with a medical practitioner (obstetrician)


What is tertiary care?

where the responsibility for maternity care rests with a healthcare provider in a tertiary level maternity hospital (involves a team that may include obstetrician, neonatologist, midwife or other specialists)


What are the 4 domains in the Australian midwifery competency standards?

- legal and professional practice
- midwifery knowledge and practice
- midwifery as primary health care
- reflective and ethical practice