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List 10 reasons a vaginal examination may be indicated

- to confirm onset of labour
- to assess progress in labour
- to confirm position and presentation
- to determine cause of delay in labour
- to confirm full dilation of the cervix
- to perform an artificial rupture of membranes
- to apply a fetal scalp electrode
- to perform fetal blood sampling
- to check for cord prolapse if SROM while presenting part is high
- prior to instrumental birth


List 8 things that should be done prior to a vaginal examination

- ask if the woman has had a vaginal examination before and address any concerns
- explain need for procedure
- explain what it entails
- gain informed consent
- ensure privacy
- encourage woman to empty her bladder
- perform an abdominal palpation
- ensure the woman knows the procedure may be stopped at any time


List 6 contraindications to vaginal examination

- lack of maternal consent
- prelabour rupture of membranes
- unknown placental position
- placenta praevia
- preterm labour
? - bleeding


List 5 things that are important during a vaginal examination

- informed consent
- privacy
- dignity
- maternal position and comfort
- asepsis


List 4 things you should do after performing a vaginal examination

- assist woman into comfortable position
- auscultate the fetal heart
- communicate findings
- document findings


List 5 elements that should be assessed during a vaginal examination

- external genitalia
- cervix
- membranes
- position and station of presenting part
- pelvic outlet