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Good morning...my saint

Good morning to the day; and next, my gold: Open the shrine, that I may see my Saint.


O thou son of Sol...in this blessed room

O thou son of Sol, But brighter than thy father, let me kiss, With adoration, thee, and every relick Of sacred treasure, in this blessed room.


I glory more...glad posession

I glory More in the cunning purchase of my wealth, Than in the glad possession


You know the use of riches...me, your poor observer

You know the use of riches, and dare give now From that bright heap, to me, your poor observer,


What should I do...fortune calls me to?

What should I do, But cocker up my genius, and live free To all delights my fortune calls me to?


Letting the cherry knock....how now!

Letting the cherry knock against their lips, And draw it by their mouths, and back again.— How now!


Vulture....carcase, now they come

Vulture, kite, Raven, and gorcrow, all my birds of prey, That think me turning carcase, now they come;


Men of your large profession...provoking gold

Men of your large profession, that could speak To every cause, and things mere contraries,.... Give forked counsel; take provoking gold


Excellent, Excellent!....a score of years

Excellent, excellent! sure I shall outlast him: This makes me young again, a score of years.


I have brought a bag of bright...if not potabile

I have brought a bag of bright chequines, Will quite weigh down his plate...'Tis aurum palpabile, if not potabile.


'Tis true,...to itself!

'Tis true, 'tis true. What a rare punishment Is avarice to itself!


O, stop it up - ...Do as you will: but I'll begone

MOS: O, stop it up— CORV: By no means. MOS: 'Pray you, let me. Faith I could stifle him, rarely with a pillow, As well as any woman that should keep him. CORV: Do as you will: but I'll begone.


I wonder at the desperate valour...Their wives to all encounters

I wonder at the desperate valour Of the bold English, that they dare let loose Their wives to all encounters! - Volpone


This fellow... trow, or is gull'd?

PER [ASIDE.]: This fellow, Does he gull me, trow? or is gull'd?


Yes, sir; the spider...from one flower

SIR P: Yes, sir; the spider and the bee, ofttimes, Suck from one flower.


This sir Pol will....you know all?

This sir Pol will be ignorant of nothing. —It seems, sir, you know all?


These turdy-facy-nasty-patsy...better language sir?

These turdy-facy-nasty-paty-lousy-fartical rogues....Excellent! have you heard better language, sir? (Per/Volp)


'tis this blessed unguento...cold,moist, or windy causes

'tis this blessed unguento, this rare extraction, that hath only power to disperse all malignant humours, that proceed either of hot, cold, moist, or windy causes—


Signor flamno, will you down....but mine? but mine?

Signior Flaminio, will you down, sir? down? What, is my wife your Franciscina, sir? No windows on the whole Piazza, here, To make your properties, but mine? but mine?


But angry Cupid, bolting from...he flings about his burning heat

But angry Cupid, bolting from her eyes, Hath shot himself into me like a flame; Where, now, he flings about his burning heat,


Death (...) honour

CORV: Death of mine honour,


You whore!..upon with goatish eyes?

Your whore!...I should strike This steel into thee, with as many stabs, As thou wert gaz'd upon with goatish eyes?


In the point...wife and daughter

In the point of honour, The cases are all one of wife and daughter.


you have cut...taking a possession!

you have cut all their throats. Why! 'tis directly taking a possession!


Come, I am not...unprofitable humour *Long* *Multiple characters*

Come, I am not jealous. CEL: No! CORV: Faith I am not I, nor never was; It is a poor unprofitable humour.


We are invited...from jealously or fear

We are invited to a solemn feast, At old Volpone's, where it shall appear How far I am free from jealousy or fear.


O! your parasite...here on earth

O! your parasite Is a most precious thing, dropt from above, Not bred 'mongst clods, and clodpoles, here on earth.


nor those, with court dog...like an arrow *long*

nor those, With their court dog-tricks, that can fawn and fleer, .... But your fine elegant rascal, that can rise, And stoop, almost together, like an arrow;


Present to any humour...swifter than a thought

Present to any humour, all occasion; And change a visor, swifter than a thought!


Courteous sir, Scorn not...to hate thy baseness

MOS: Courteous sir, Scorn not my poverty. BON: Not I, by heaven; But thou shalt give me leave to hate thy baseness.