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What is Sir Politic as an animal

Pol is a parrot, characterised by mimicry, this is chief point about the sub plot.


How does sir pol mimic the Italians

Pol mimics the Italians with his obsession with plots, state secrets, spies. But he exhibits ludicrousness not wickedness.


Volpone and Politic similarities

Pol/Volpone: infatuated with their own ingenuity, greedy, get-rich-schemes, delight in plots. Volpone succeeds for a while for hope is truly clever


Contrast between Britain and Italy

Concentration on English Folly as opposed to Italian vice, a foil



Extreme greed


Links between main plot and sub plot

Subplot is trivialSubplot offers a direct parallel to the main plotBridges the gAp between the Italian setting and London audience.Provides farcical exaggerations of the characters and incidents in the main action


Politic becomes childish at the end

His notes turn out to be plagiarised from play books, when he becomes a tortoise one of his tormentors compares it to London's childish puppet shows


Lady Pol's big importance in the plays order

Lady Pol anticipates Volpones attempts to seduce Celia. This places him in a situation where we laugh at him. Ironic shadow forward to the real seduction which also undermines his position (brought about by women).But later blackens Celia's name in the trial


Lady pol's similarity to corvino

Like Corvino she is Manipulated by Mosca through sexual jealousy and concern for public reputation


Foil to celia

Foil to Celia in her fruitless willingness to be seduced and her desire to imitate Venetian courtesans


He is Pol so ridiculous

His pretentiousness is debunked by the trivialities recorded in his notebook


His money spending

His petty expenditure contrast to the Magnifico's genuine expenditure


Here does he show his naivety

In his appreciation of the Scoto performance


His partnership with peregrine

Kicks Volpone's and Mosca's relationshipThere is also a role reversal


Peregrine's line that contrasts Pol to Volpone's skill as an actor

"Oh, this knight, where he well known, would be a precious thing to fit our English stage," (To be mocked)this contrasts with Volpone's real skill as a performer.


How is LWB similar to all three legacy hunters

Corvino's jealousy of a spouse, thinks herself learned like Voltore, like Corbaccio puts herself in Mosca's power by her lack of sense.


Lady would be on cosmetics

Scoto's speech on cosmetics would be better for LWB in her belief that cosmetics change the inner person.


Significance of the tortoise shell, highlighted by one of the mockers

The chattering know it all is silenced in his tortoise shell."What beast is this?"what kind of creatures are theses people in th eplay