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What is the purpose of the Drug Tariff?

  • Details the community pharmacy contract with the NHS (essential, advanced, enhanced services)
  • A list of prices of drugs/appliances and fees for pharmacies


List the 5 ways that community pharmacies are paid

  1. Establishment and Practice payments
  2. IT and repeat dispensing prescriptions
  3. Fees
  4. Advanced services payments
  5. Enhanced services payments


What do Establishment and Practice payments depend on?

Number of items dispensed per month


Describe 'Fees' as pharmacy payment

  • NHS payment to pharmacies for dispensing an item = 90p
  • Plus additional payments for other services provided


What are the payments from advanced services?

  • MUR = £28 each, up to 400 a year
  • NMS = £20-28, depends on how may completed per month


Why are enhanced services payments not included in the Drug Tariff?

They are locally commissioned and paid for by councils, NHS England area team or CCG


What is the Black List?

Items which are:

  • Unnecessary
  • Expensive
  • Have no medical use
  • Duplication with other medicinal products


What items are allowed on an FP10 prescription?

  • Any medicine, food, drink or medical cosmetic item
  • As long as it is not on the black list


Where is the black list found in the drug tariff?



How much is the patient charged for a prescription?


One charge per item


How is elastic hosiery charged to the patient?

One charge per leg


How is the patient charged when there are different strengths/flavours of the same item on the FP10?

One charge


How is the patient charged when there are different formulations of the same item on the FP10?

One charge


How is the patient charged for combination packs?

One charge per item in the same pack


How are contraceptive items charged to the patient?

  • No charge
  • Except for cyprindiol if not endorsed in the body of the Rx with OC


How should a prescription be endorsed?

  • Pack size
  • Quantity supplied if defined by number of treatment days on prescription
  • Brand name, pack size and price if not i part VIIIA


What does SP stand for in an endorsement?

Special = £20


What does ED stand for in an endorsement?

Extemporaneously dispensed = £20


What does PD(n) stand for in an endorsement?

Supervised consumption = £0.55 x n


What does MF stand for in an endorsement?

Measured and fitted = £2.60


What is a special?

  • An unlicensed medicine ordered on prescription for a named patient
  • Produced by a specials manufacturer who is licensed and inspected by the MHRA
  • Certificate of Conformity or Certificate of Analysis must be supplied with the item


What is an unlicensed imported medicine?

  • A medicine unlicensed in the UK but licensed medicine elsewhere in the world
  • Acquired by an MHRA licensed and inspected importer


How should unlicensed medicines be endorsed?

  • SP
  • Quantity/volume supplied and pack size

If not in part VIIIB add:

  • Price per pack and number of packs
  • Manufacturer/importer license number (MS number)
  • Batch number


Where are unlicensed specials and imported medicines found in the Drug Tariff?



What 5 records should be kept for items from part VIIIB for inspection by the Licensing Authority?

  1. Source of the special or imported unlicensed product
  2. The person to whom, and the date on which the special/imported unlicensed product was sold or supplied
  3. Prescriber's details
  4. Quantity of each sale or supply
  5. Batch number of the special


What 5 things must the pharmacist endorse the COA, COC or invoice of unlicensed specials/imported medicines with?

  1. Pharmacy stamp
  2. Date
  3. Initials of pharmacist or dispenser
  4. Invoice price less discount
  5. Prescriber's details


Where and when must the endorsed COA/COC/invoice be sent?

  • At the end of the month
  • Sent to the NHS England area team of the prescriber


List 3 items that receive payment for measuring and fitting if claimed using MF in the endorsement margin?

  1. Elastic/compression hosiery (part IXA)
  2. Trusses (part IXA)
  3. Para-stomal garments = belts and girdles


What are compression stockings?

Elastic leg garments which compress the limb, reducing the diameter of the distended veins and cause an increase in venous blood flow velocity/valve effectiveness


What does compression therapy prevent?

The formation of blood clots in the lower legs