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What happens in rejuvenation

The river renews its capacity to erode as its potential energy is increased, the river adjusts to its new base level, at first in its lower reaches and then progressively inland.


What can be formed from rejuvenation

Knick points, waterfalls and rapids, river terraces and incised meanders


When does rejuvenation occur

When there is a fall in sea level relative to the level of the land, or rise of the land in relative to the sea


What is a knick point

A sudden break or irregularity in the gradient along the long profile of a river eg can be a waterfall


How are Knickpoints formed

During rejuvenation the river gains renewed cutting power (vertical erosion) which encourages it to adjust its long profile- the knickpoint is where the old long profile joins the new


What happens to a knick point over time

It recedes upstream at a rate which depends on resistance of the rocks