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What processes cause a waterfall

Differential erosion- as the less resistant rock (limestone) is eroded faster causing a step in the river bed through the processes of hydraulic action and abrasion.
There is predominant vertical erosion due to the high above sea level (high gpe).


How is a waterfall formed

Water flows over a band of more resistant rock (dolerite) overlaying a band of less resistant rock (limestone); the rock becomes undercut and further erosion results in the formation and undercutting of a plunge pool (extended by abrasion). The more resistant rock (dolerite) (once formed a ledge) collapses due to gravity).


Diagram of waterfall

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Example of a waterfall

High force river tees England- drops 21 metres. It flows over whinstone and limestone. It is 350m above base level.


What is a waterfall

A cascade of water falling from a height, formed when a river or stream flows over a steep rock face


When is a gorge formed

When a waterfall retreats and forms a gorge ahead of it.


How long is the gorge at the high force waterfall in the upper teesdale