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What processes cause meanders

Lateral erosion- hydraulic action undercuts the bank on the outside.
Deposition- on the inside if the bend as velocity is reduced and there is more friction.
Helicoidal flow, pools and riffles.


What causes a meander

They can be caused by sandbars (can cause sinuosity), slope thresholds and helicoidal flow (undercuts and deposits).
They migrate downstream and have strong links with pools and riffles.
They occur in the middle course as there is more energy and a high gradient of water.


Channel descriptions

Look in folder (includes asymmetric channel, river cliff etc)


Diagram of meanders

Look in folder


Example of meanders

The great bend of the nile- halfway between the nile delta in the north and the sudanese border in the south, the nike river cuts a deep u shaped bend in the desert near luxor.


What is a meander

A winding curve in a river