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Whats kind of engine might you find on crj?

A General Electric CF34-3B1
N1 fan rotor
N2 Compressor Rotor
N2 driven Accessory Gearbox
Normal Thrust rating 8,729lbs
APR Thrust rating 9,220lbs


What percentage does the Bypass Air represent?

85% engine thrust. On landing, thrust reverser use Bypass to assist in braking.


What does in mean to have core air?

Its compressed, mixed with the fuel and ignited. The expanding gases pass through the high pressure and low pressure turbines which drive the N2 compressor and N1 fan. Accelerate exhaust gases provide a portion of engine thrust.


Explain the N1 rotor?

Single stage N1 fan, along with a four stage low pressure turbine.


What are the parts that make up the N2 Rotor?

14 stage axial flow compressor and a 2 stage high pressure turbine.


VGVs are apart of what section and what is there purpose?

Part of the N2 compressor, they deal with fuel pressure controls variable guide actuators on the first 5 stages of the stator vanes to regulate air through the engine. This provides engine compressor surge and stall protection.


What makes up the accessory gearbox?

Engine lubrication pump
Hydraulic pump(edp1 or edp2)
Engine driven fuel pump
Integrated Drive Generator IDG
Air Turbine Starter ATS


When it comes to combustion how many ignition ports and fuel injectors are there?

2 and 18