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PSF Mission

Professionally and compassionately helping people


PSF Vision

We will cultivate an environment of excellence, respect, and fun.


PSF Core Values

Be Safe. Do your best. Serve with integrity. Take care of each other.


When do you need a backup spotter?

When backing any apparatus over 10,000 lbs gvw


Requirement for EVIP

Personnel must have this certification if driving any department vehicle in excess of 26,000 lbs. Must renew on a 3 year cyle.


PSF 3 levels of decontamination

Level I: in-field cleaning and disinfecting
Level II: in-station cleaning and disinfecting
Level III: major decontamination center located at Station 77 and Station 46


How are units identified when part of a strike team?

4 digit number starting with 30 to identify units from Zone 3 (i.e. Engine 3071)


How will an apparatus operator designate an abandonment/withdrawal from the structure?

Air horn for 5 seconds, followed by a 5 second pause, then repeat 2 more times


What is a Code 1 PD request?

One PD officer needed to respond code yellow (with traffic)


What is a Code 2 PD request?

Two PD officers needed to respond code red (with lights and sirens) and render assistance due to a hazardous situation


What is a Code 3 PD request?

Three or more PD officers needed to respond code red (with lights and sirens) and render assistance due to a life-threatening situation


What is a Code 4 PD request?

No PD officers needed, everything under control


What is red barrier tape used for?

To draw firefighter's attention to a specific hazard and define a hot zone around the hazard.


What is yellow barrier tape used for?

To isolate and deny unauthorized entry into the warm zone.


As a rule, any fire above the _____ floor should be fought utilizing solid bore nozzles

5th floor


What is a high rise building?

Any building having floors more than 75 feet above the lowest level of Fire Dept vehicle access


When would the second arriving engine pump in tandem to first engine on a high rise fire?

If fire is above 12th floor


Duty of first arriving ladder company on high rise fire

Lobby control


Duty of second arriving ladder company on high rise fire

Floor above fire for trapped occupants, evacuation, vertical extension of fire


Maximum speed limit

Ensure that the speed of the apparatus is maintained in due regard for the safety of the crew and others (10 mph over speed limit is max allowable)


When are wheel chocks required per department policy?

Whenever the apparatus is parked and the driver exits the cab