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What does the first-in engineer do on a high rise fire?

Go straight to the hydrant closest to the FDC and establish supply


Second step of the engineer on a high rise fire

Based on incoming pressure and number of floors, determine whether or not to tandem pump


What does the second-in engineer do on a high rise fire?

Report to first engine to assist with FDC connection unless not needed. If not needed, stay together for assignment to fire attack.


Rules on connecting to FDC

1. Use same size hose as FDC fittings. 2. Read what you are connecting to. 3. Clear all ports of debris. 4. Connect to all ports before flowing water (not all FDC's are clappered).


PDP for buildings with fire pumps

10 psi less than rating of that pump


When tandem pumping, what pressure should the engine at the hydrant supply the engine at the FDC with?

100 psi