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What is mass tourism?

It is organised tourism for large numbers of people.
Tourism on a large scale.


Give an example of mass tourism?

Visiting Spain on a package holiday would count as mass tourism.


What isn't mass tourism?

When people organise it themselves or small group tours.


What are positive economic impacts of mass tourism?

Brings money into local economy.
Creates jobs for local people.
Increases income of industries that supply tourism.


What are negative economic impacts of mass tourism?

A lot of the profit made from tourism is kept by large travel companies rather than going to the local economy.


What are positive social impacts of mass tourism?

Lots of jobs=young people staying in area.
Improved roads, communication and infrastructure benefit local people.
Income from tourism reinvested in local community projects.


What are negative social impacts of mass tourism?

Jobs available to locals often paid badly and seasonal.
Traffic congestion.
Behaviour of some tourists can offend locals.


What are positive environmental impacts of mass tourism?

Income from tourism reinvested in protecting environment.
Eg run national parks for conservation work.


What are negative environmental impacts of mass tourism?

Transporting lots of people over long distances releases lot of the green house gas causing global warming.
Increase litter and pollution.
Destruction of natural habitat.


Names ways to reduce congestion.

Improving public transport encourages tourists to use it reducing traffic and pollution.


Name ways to reduce damage on environment.

Limiting the number of people visiting sensitive environments.


Name ways to reduce attractiveness of the environment.

Providing lots of bins to reduce litter.


Name ways to maintain a place to make sure tourists keep coming.

Build new facilities or improve existing ones.
Reduces litter/congestion.
Advertise/market area to attract tourists.
Improve transport infrastructure - easy/quick/safe.
Offer new activities.
Cheaper to visit.