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What are extreme environments idea for?

Adventure holiday activities like jeep tours. river rafting and trekking.


Give a reason why people like going to extreme environments?

Some people want something different and exciting to do on holiday which no body else has done.


What do some people enjoy an element of?

Risk and danger in their leisure time which harsh conditions can provide.


How does wildlife in extreme environments attract tourists?

As the wildlife can only be seen in limited areas.
eg polar bears in the Arctic.


How does scenery in extreme environments attract tourists/

As the scenery can only be seen in limitd areas.
eg ice bergs in coldn environments.


Name 4 reasons why tourism is increasing in extreme environments.

Improvements in transport - quciker/easier.
Keen to see places like Antarctica before it melts.
Its expensive but people have lots of disposable income.
Becoming more popular from TV programmes and advertising.


Give an example of an improved transport route?

A railway links China and Tibet an extreme mountain environment in 2006 making it easier to gt to Tibet.


The ecosystems in extreme environments.

Usually delicately balanced because its difficult for life to survive in harsh conditions.
Presence of of tourists upsets fragile balance causing serious problems.


What is cutting trees down in the Himalayas used for and how is it bad?

Provide fuel for trekkers/ other tourists.
Deforestation destroys habitats.
Fewer trees to intercept rain, more water reaches channels causing flooding.


How is deforestation bad in the Himalayas?

Tree roots normally hold soil together so it leads to soil erosion.
Soil washed into river it raises the river bed so it can't hold much water. - causing flooding too.


In the himalayas what can tourist causes?

Footpath erosion.
Leading to landslides.


What are the toilets like in the Himalayas?

Poor or non-existent so rivers become polluted by sewage.