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Since when has the lake district been a popular tourist attraction?

Since the early 1800s.


What is the lake district?

National Park in Cumbria.


How many visitors does the lake disrict get a year?

Around 15 million.


Name 3 reasons why people visit the lake district?

Enjoy the scenery eg large lakes.
Activities available.
Cultural attractions.


Name a mountain and lake which is popular?

Lake Windermere.
Mountain Scafell Pike.


What actvities can you do?

Bird watch.
Boat rides.
Rock climbing.


What cultural attractions are there?

Beatrix potter.
Wordsworth Museum.


What negative things do tourists create?

Traffic congestion.
Erode footpaths.
Drop litter.


What strategy is there to cope with extra traffic?

Public transport is being improved so people can leave their cars at home.
Campaigns to encourage people to usenew services.


Name a campaign that encourages people to use new servoces and what do they do?

Give the driver a break campaign.
Provides leaflets that show routes available amd offers discounts to cafe's and lake cruises.


What strategy is there to cope with erosion of footpaths?

Encouraging visitors to use less vulnerable areas.
Changing the line of paths.
Use more hard wear material for paths.


Give an example of an eroded path which has been maintained?

At Tarn Hows, severely eroded paths have been covered in soil and reseeded and the main route has been gravelled to protect it.


What strategy is there to cope with protecting wildlife and farming?

Signs to remind visitors to take their litter home.
Bins provided at most popular sites.
Campaigns encourage visitors to enjoy countryside responsibly.


How is the official strategy for cumbria going to attarct people?

Attract an extra 2 million visors by 2018.
Increase the amount tourists spend from £1.1 billion per year to £1.5 billion per year.


How will public transport be improved?

Making the lakes even more accessible.


How will the lakes become even more well known?

By widespread advertising and marketing the area.


What will farms be encouraged to do?

Provides services like quad biking, clay pigeon shooting and archery alongside traditional farming.


How will timeshare developments attract tourists?

People able to share the ownership of a property but stay there at different times increases tourists beining people all year round.


The stratedgy also encourages tourism in outside areas like...

West Coast, Furness and Carlisle to relieve pressure on main tourist attraction.