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Why do you need a technical impression sheet? (3)

1. You are the eyes for the radiologist
2. The radiologist cant see whats going on in real time
3. Your own protection to prove that stuff was completed


Why is a scan protocol important? (2)

1. All the scans are the same
2. Everyone is receiving the same level of care


What should be part of a protocol? (2)

1. Types of pictures needed
2. Required measurements


What is the role of the sonographer? (2)

1. Is to perform the ultrasound scan
2. Document observations


What should a technical impression not include? (2)

1. Interpretations
2. Differential diagnoses


What should official documentation for US images include? (4)

1. Patient’s name and other identifying information
2. Facility’s identifying information
3. Date of ultrasound examination
4. Image orientation when appropriate


What is recommended for sonography Canada for protocol guidelines and US examinations?

That each ultrasound department should compile a complete set of examination protocols for procedures carried out in their facility