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First points

celbritising- the linking of conservation to celebrity

british imperialism 'swagger'- hunting tigers- aristocratic

certain sense of power- burma- tigers- stripped rats- for clearing and agriculture


Noblesse oblige- conservation background

NGOs- first starting- protection

areas are displaced

power of gun- ethis- moral standing

your good name


why celebs wealth like to conserve

cultural/romantic aesthetics

post imperial symbolism and power

ethics and reputation


celebrity conservation

involved in conservation

fulfils a modern social need- alienation from nature

gathers a momentum in 19th century

colonise a range from different sectors

we as societies regard their opinion

constitution of celebrity- choose to sponsor conservation

political choice

we must protect nature-promoting equal income- not many celebrities promoting that


convergence of 4 key trends

rise of conservation- ngos- philanthropic- ford foundation - part of capitalism

foundations help shape agendas- friendly face of capitalism

importance of corporate wealth and expectations of good CSR- corporate social responsibility

charity have an agenda- good or bad- socio political agenda- choosing to help one way or an other

private wealth- land ownership- enrolled in conservation causes- alot of england owns still a lot of land - yes heritage sites- another way of sanctioning?

aristocrats- either kill or protect- protecting nature goes abroad

celebs need these good causes- celeb construction -in order to grow need to be involved in good causes


varieties of celebrity conservation

lend their name

people who report on conservation - david attenborough- nations spokesperson on nature- british understanding of nature- through him- he isn't neutral - no one is

people who win fame from their own conservation - born free- easy the lion


Critical perspectives

hypocritical celebrity living- jetting around the world

neo colonialism - marginalisation and displacement of local people

over simplifying nature- power of celeb- power of getting the essence of something quickly- different to academics- celebs straight forward simple message

entrenching elitism

non-democatic- sofa based conservation

conservation as capitalism- promoting eco tourism


Reading- Brockington 2008

conservation - becoming increasingly important to producing profit, winning votes and improving companies image

capitalist - society lack of contact with environments they value- only through infrequent highly staged and carefully framed encounters- wildlife safaris


Reading- Brockington 2008- more

biggest ngos- employing tens of thousands of people controlling billions of dollars- influence on all around the world

wwf-us is a powerful branch

board of directors of major NGOS- dominated by chief executives officers of major corporations

local politics of wilderness creation- highly complex- battle save widlands- local one and also international

celeb involvement- more promotion of consensual politics

their support for conservation- fulfils a modern social need