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What outlines the rules of access, protection and disclosure for written administrative counseling, admonitions and reprimands?

The Privacy Act of 1974


Administrative counseling, admonitions and reprimands are punitive in nature, not corrective. T/F

False (They are corrective in nature, not punitive)


A letter of admonishment is more severe than a letter of counseling. T/F



A reprimand is more severe than either a letter of counseling or letter of admonishment. What does it indicate?

a stronger degree of official censure


The ___ provides commanders with an official and single means of filling derogatory data on an AF member's personal conduct and duty performance.



What 4 documents must a commander place in a UIF?

1. Article 15 punishment of more than one month
2. court-martial conviction
3. civilian conviction
4. control roster actions


After the commander notifies a member that a UIF will be established the member has ___ duty days to acknowledge the planned actions and provides pertinent information.

3 duty days


The control roster is a rehabilitative tool that established a(n) month observation period for members with substandard duty performance or who fail to meet or maintain AF standards of conduct, bearing an integrity, on or off duty.

6 month


Which form does the commander use to place an individual on the control roster?

AF IMT 1058


Placement on the control roster is a mandatory UIF entry. T/F



When does the 6 month time period for a control roster begin and end?

It begins the day the AF IMT 1058 is finalized and ends at 2400 hours six months later


When must a commander initiate discharge processing or seek a waiver for the discharge?

1) fraudulent or erroneous enlistment
2) a civil court conviction and confinement for one year or more
3) drug abuse
4) sexual assault


Separation at expiration of term of service is automatic. T/F

False (a separation action is required)


Many reasons for administrative separation exist. List the 4 main reasons.

1. required
2. voluntary
3. involuntary
4. discharge instead of trail by court martial


List 3 examples of situations that require separation.

1. Amn who will continue to serve in another military status
2. accept appointment as an officer
3. Amn wih insufficient retainability for PCS