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According to SOP 204.4, safety (incident scene safety), command will limit the number of personnel on the incident scene to those assigned to a task or function. All personnel will either:

Be positioned in base, be assigned to a task, a group, or a division, be available for immediate re-assignment, be assigned to rehabilitation, be released to in-service status.


According to SOPO 201.1 Incident Command, the officer assuming command shall transmit (when necessary) brief initial report to include:___?

Company or officer transiting report, correct address or location, conditions, name of command.


According to SOP 201.3 Staging, when staging has been established, the staging area manager shall:___?

Log in and out all resources


According to SOP 201.4 Command Procedures (safety officer), the safety officer shall:___?

Monitor conditions and operations for safety, have the authority to bypass the chain of command to immediately correct unsafe acts or conditions presenting an imminent threat to personnel, upon recognition of other under conditions, recommend corrective actions to command and appropriate personnel.


According to SOP 201.09 Command Procedures (benchmarks), command shall ensure the following benchmarks are communicated to dispatch upon completion: All clear, all clear secondary, incident (or fire) under control, loss stopped. T/F?



In ICS, an individual assigned to oversee a branch will assume the title of:



In ICS, and individual assigned to oversee a division or group will assume the title of:



In ICS, the members of the Command Staff assume the title of:



In addition to establishing the Division Designation, specific boundaries must be defined. This is particularly important in what type of incident?

Non-structure incidents.


In addition to transmitting a brief initial report, the officer assuming command shall:

Perform size-up, establish incident objectives, determine strategies, determine tactics, and implement action plan.


in radio communications with a division:

The letter or number designation follows “Division” (e.g. “division 6) unless a descriptive designation is used, in which case the descriptor will precede “division” (e.g. Interior Division).


The four General Staff positions in ICS are?

Operations, logistics, planning, finance


Transfer of command shall include communication of the following information:

Status of current situation, resources committed to the incident, and responding as well as the present organizational structure, assessment of the current effect of tactical operations.


Unified command means each agency or jurisdiction established Incident Command over their area of managerial responsibility (e.g. “Fire Command”, “Medical”) T/F?



When Base has been established, the Base Area Manager shall report to:

Logistics or Command


When a company officer is assigned as a division or group supervisor, what must the company officer do regardless of how his crew members are assigned/reassigned?

Advise command or operations of the change in company status


When a company officer is assigned as a division or group supervisor, what are the options for what he can do with his crew members?

Keep on or more members assigned to him for assistance, reassign one or more members to another company, or remove himself from the company and allow the other members to continue to operate as a company with one less person.


5 resources of the same kind?

Strike team


Any combination of resources of different types is called?

Task force


What is not a good reason for establishing branches in the ICS structure?

The incident commander wants to isolate individual agencies that don’t cooperate well with others.


Groups have the responsibility to coordinate with and notify who?

Division Supervisor in who’s area they are working.