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"Once combat is joined, one must bring overwhelming force to bear upon the enemy in an extremely rapid manner to ensure the highest likelihood of victory in the shortest duration.”- Which doctrine?

The Powell Doctrine


A dangerous potential of the adjustable gallonage fog nozzle is that it can produce?

Less than acceptable minimum water flow


A large volume nozzle that is similar to a detachable deck gun but is always used on the ground is known as?

Deluge gun.


A well planned hose and nozzle combination should deliver between ______ with relatively low friction loss.

150 and 180 GPM


By using a gaggle and spring design inside the nozzle, approximately 100 psi nozzle pressure is maintained. This provides the appearance of an adequate stream with good reach but may not truly be producing proper water volume needed for fire extinguishment. This best describes?

Automatic fog nozzle


Exposure protection lines should provide what benefit?

Maximum reach to keep firefighters out of the collapse zones.


Heavy, thick, black pressurized, angry smoke is an indication of rapidly deteriorating conditions. What is the proper action for the nozzle team at this time?

Open the nozzle and begin sweeping back and forth across the ceiling in front of you.


Hose housed be stretched dry as far as is safely possible to expedite placement proper to being charged. When advancing through doorways what action must be taken?

Securely chock the door open to avoid it closing on a dry hose line.


If staffing levels allow, the engine company officer is more effective if he is doing what?

Positioned to the side of the line and opposite the nozzle person, not physically taking part in handling the line, out ahead of the nozzle to perform reconnaissance of the fire, and ascertaining forcible entry and life hazard problems.


Mechanical or hydraulic ventilation through the use of a fog nozzle is less effective than using fans because it dow not move as much air. T/F?



Nozzle reaction is measure in pounds of force and is a function of which two factors?

Flow rate and nozzle pressure


Overhaul is one of the more dangerous times in a fire building because ____?

Fire may have weakened the structural stability of the building, there may be the added weight of the live load of water in clothing and furniture, and fire may be hidden in walls and ceilings.


What is the Bresnan distributor nozzle used for?

Basement fires


The door position on an attack hose line provides what function?

Ensures a smooth and sustained movement of hose toward the fire.


The minimum acceptable flow rate for interior structural fire attack is ___?

150 gpm


Name the process where water turns to steam at 212 degrees Fahrenheit absorbing an additional 970 BTUs.

Latent heat of vaporization


When using hydraulic ventilation, what safety precaution would be taken?

Watch for changes in smoke and heat conditions.