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Name 5 qualities of Gerald's personality

He gets on well with Mr Birling and impresses Sybil
Respectable : "the easy we'll-bred young man-about-town"
Upper-class :"landed people and so forth"
A liar: "I wasn't telling you a complete lie"
Traditional: "I should say so!" Agreeing with Mr Birling.
He is relaxed and comfortable in the Birling's company.
He agrees with Mr Birling on politics and women and laughs st his jokes
He supports Mr Birling "you couldn't have done anything else"
Business minded
Confident but stubborn


Does Gerald grow throughout the play?

NO - He doesn't seem to have learnt anything.
He has the ability to keep his public, respectable image from secret, private acts.
Gerald is upset when he first learns of Daisy's death, but he gets over it quickly.


Gerald's personality at the start of the play

At the beginning of the play Gerald appears to be very polite and well mannered. "Absolutely first-class" He seems to be enthusiastic and wants to fit in with the family. "I insist upon being one of the family now."


Gerald's class

Gerald is from an upper class family and he is the Birling's social superior. Mr Birling makes this clear when he says. "Lady Croft - while she doesn't object to my girl - feels you might have done better for yourself socially." This creates unease between them but it also suggests that Mr Birling is very comfortable talking to Gerald. He describes Gerald as "just the kind of son-in-law I always wanted." He also opens up to Gerald about is knighthood "Just a knighthood, of course." but doesn't tell his own son about this.


Gerald has similar views to Mr Birling

In the first act Gerald shows that he has simular views to Mr Birling. He replies "You could'nt have done anything else." after Birling reveals that he fired Eva Smith.
In his confession Gerald is shown as immoral for having an affair with Daisy Renton whilst seeing Sheila, however he does appear to be upset by what has happened and what he did. "(distressed) Sorry - I - well, I've suddenly relised - taken it in properly - that's she's dead-"