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Who wrote A.I.C?

J.B Priestley


What year was A.I.C set in, what year was it performed in and where?

1912, before both World War during the Edwardian period
it was performed in 1945 in the Soviet Union


Name a few changes between 1912 & 1945

1912 - There were strong distinctions between the upper and lower classes - ruling classes saw no need to change the status quo.
1945 - Class distinction had been greatly reduced as a result of the two World Wars - there was a desire for social change
1912 - Women were considered lower than men
1945 - Women had earned a more valed place in society


What inequalities existed in British society that J.B Priestley wrote about in A.I.C?

Social & Economic inequalities


Name 3 Edwardian rules of society

- The poor worked for the rich
- The poor are only there to do a job. Not to be seen or heard
- The rich can fire the poor without any questions or consequences


what are the 4 main themes in A.I.C?

- social responsibilities
- age
- gender
- class