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Personality of Eva Smith

Strong willed -> organises a strike for higher wages, shows she isn't afraid to stand up to hard headed businessmen like Mr Birling
Sense of humour -> shown as she smiles when Sheila tries on a dress that doesn't suit her, humanises her as the audience empathises with her
Sensitive/emotional -> the diary she kept goes into great detail about her emotions and shows she felt them very deeply, allowing the audience to empathise. Shows how she was devastated when Gerald ended their relationship and he went back to ordinary life with Sheila makes the audience empathise even more


what is the role of Eva Smith?

Eva is similar to Eve, the first woman created by God in the bible, Smith is the most common English surname. Therefore Eva Smith could represent every woman of her class


What do we learn about Eva Smith? What is her story and how do the Birling family and Gerald have part?

1910 - factory worker, working for Mr Birling. Sacked for being the 'ringleader' when asking for a pay rise
Unemployed for 2 months
Worked at Milwards -> fired by order of Sheila Birling out of jealousy and rage
1911 - changes name to Daisy Renton and has a 6 month affair with Gerald Croft where he gives her enough money to see her through till the end of the year
November- meets Eric Birling when they become lovers
Gets pregnant, refuses stolen money from Eric, is denied help from Mrs Birling's Women's Charity Organisation
1912 March- commits suicide by drinking strong disinfectant


How is Eva mainly described? Give exmaples

"lively good-looking girl" - Mr Birling
"very pretty girl" - Sheila
"pretty" - Gerald
"young and fresh and charming" - Gerald
"pretty" - Eric


How does Priestly use his play to encourage people to treat everyone equally, regardless of their social class or background?

In A.I.C, the working-class character Eva Smith/Daisy Renton is mistreated by all the members of the middle class Birling family. Priestly uses the play to criticise prejudiced attitudes towards poor or working-class people, and encourage people to take responsibility for one another in society