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How many extinguishers are there for the cargo compartments?

2 high rate bottles and 3 low rate bottles


On the ground, if there is an APU fire what will automatically occur?

The APU shuts down. The fire bottle will fire after 15 seconds.


If there is a cargo fire, what happens to the extinguisher bottles?

The 2 high rate bottles fire immediately, then the low rate bottles discharge after a 15 minute delay.


Why do we still push the cargo fire arm switch?

It shuts down other systems to decrease air flow to the compartment.
I.e. Vents, fans,ventilation, valves etc


Is the extinguisher discharge to a cargo fire automatic on the ground?

No it must be armed and discharged manually. Both high rate and 1 low rate bottle will discharge. Do not open doors until persons are off and fire fighters are on the scene.