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What is the function of the Common Core System?

CCS is a computing network and data exchange for the majority of aircraft systems.


What are the main components of the CCR?

CCR (common computing resource) left and right cabinet.


When power ( battery external or APU) is applied to the aircraft which Common Computing Resource starts first? How long is the process? When does the opposite CCR start? What indicates both CCRs are online?

2 to 3 minutes
When L CCR completes start and power other than battery is available.
When all displays and HUD combiners show default formats.


Which lights activate for STORM?

All illuminated indicator lights, glare shield flood lights, instrument panel flood, aisle stand flood, forward dome lights.


If electrical power is lost, which lighting continues?

Aisle stand, left and right forward panel and glare shield floods, plus dome lights at fixed brightness.


How do you identify individual lighting controls that operate on the master brightness system?
How do you use the master brightness system?
Do the individual controls still work?

Centre detent and White dot.
Centre control and push MASTER BRIGHT switch ON.
Individual controls have limited capability.


How is crew oxygen flow indicated on stowage box ?

Yellow X


Auto deployment of cabin oxygen masks?

Greater of
Origin +2000ft
Destination -2000ft