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How long will a fully charged emergency lights system operate?

At least 10 minutes on a fully charged battery.
Powered by remote batteries. Manual activation, or automatic when system armed. Controlled from flight deck overhead panel or from door 1L.


Which areas have fire detection systems!

Engine, APU, Wheel Well, Cargo Compartment, Crew Rest Compartment, Lavatory


Where are hydraulic indications displayed!

Status synoptic, or Hydraulic synoptic.
Access via SYS display, then STAT or HYD.


What components do the left and right hydraulic systems power?

Flight controls
Engine thrust reverser (on same side)
Right and left spoilers


Left and right hydraulic systems have an .............. ............... Primary pump.

Engine driven


Left and right hydraulics are driven by 2 pumps each. How are they powered?

Primary, engine driven.
Demand, EMP (electric motor powered)


When in auto left and right demand pumps operate when?

When pressure is low
For 3 minutes after second engine start on ground
From take off power to flaps up
Gear down or less than 1000ft to 40 knots ground speed
Thrust reverser operation


The centre hydraulic system powers what?

Flight controls
Landing gear actuation
Leading edge slats
Nose gear steering
Right and left wing spoilers
Trailing edge flaps


What powers the centre hydraulics?

2 EMPs (electric motor pumps). They alternate the roll of primary and demand.


When does the centre hydraulic pump operating in the demand mode work?

System low pressure
3 minutes after second engine is started on the ground
Take off thrust until 2000ft off ground
Flaps or gear in motion
Descent, gear lever down and rad alt less than 2000ft until ground speed less than 60 knots.


In non normal operation, what isolation functions occur in the event of a leak?

Nose gear isolation valve (NGIV)
Reserve steering isolation valve (RSIV)
Alternate extend isolation valve (AEIV)

i.e. Gear Steer Extend


The RAT provides hydraulics to which system!

The centre at 5000psi


When does the RAT deploy!

Both engines have failed
All 3 hydraulic systems are low
Loss of electrical power to the Capt and FO flight instruments
Loss of all 4 EMPs (electric motor pumps) and faults occur in the flight control system
Loss of 4 EMPs and an engine fails on take off or landing