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A computer or other internally programmed device capable of automatically accepting and processing data, including computer programs, data communication links, input and output data and data storage devices

"Automated Systems"


A Court, including the minor judiciary, with criminal jurisdiction or any other governmental agency, or sub-unit thereof, created by statute or by State/Federal Constitution, specifically authorized to perform as its prinicpal function the administration of criminal justice, and which allocates a substantial portion of its annual budget to such function.

"Criminal Justice Agency"


Protected Information

3 Types

1. Intelligence Information

2. Investigative Information

3. Treatment Information


Information concerning the habits, practicies, characteristics, possessions, associations or financial status of any individual compiled in an effort to anticiapte, prevent, monitor, investigate or prosecute criminal activity.

May include information on prescribing, dispensing, selling, obtaining or using a controlled substance.

"Intelligence Information"


Information assembled as a result of the performance of any inquiry, formal, or informal, into a criminal incident or an allegation of criminal wrongdoing and may include modis operandi information.

"Investigative Information"


Information concerning medical, psychiatric, psychological or other rehabilatative treatment provided, suggested or prescribed for any individual charged with or convicted of a crime.

"Treatment Information"


Any location in which criminal hisotry record information is collected, compiled, maintained and desseminated by a criminal justice agency.



The central location for the collection, compilation, maintenance and dissemination of criminal history record information by the Pennsylvania State Police.

"Central Repository"


Information collected by criminal justice agencies concerning individuals, and arising from the initiation of a criminal proceeding, consisting of identifiable descriptions, dates and notations of arrests, indictments, information's or other formal charges and any dispositions arising therefrom.  Term DOES NOT include intelligence, investigative, or treatment information.

"Criminal History Record Information"