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Anyone who is not a citizen of the United States by birth or naturalization



The DOJ, INS desires to interview any of the following persons who are in-custody:

1.  Foreign seamen who have remained in the United States after their vessel has sailed, or for a period of  __ days.

2.  Any alien who is arrested for any crime, regardless of whether they _________________.

3.  Any case where it is suspected that a defendant is not a legal alien in the United States.


are a temporary of permanent resident of the United States



Evey detained alien will be advised that he/she may communicate with ________ of the country of their nationality.

Consul or Diplomatic Officers


Notify Mexican consular representatives whenever a Mexican national is arrested/detained who is _____, ____, or _____.



"at risk"

"At risk"= persons with extreme mental/physical problems, or people who a charges with crimes where the death penalty may be imposed ("Capital Offenses")


If civillian personnel of the ___ or ___ are arrested (for other than summary offenses), the Naval Investigative Service must be notified.

Navy or Marine Corps


The ______ wishes to be notified immediately of any request for asylum, which is politically sensitive or involves the possibility of forcible repatriation.

The assigned will contact ____ and ____.

Department of State

Department of State and the local district Director of the Immigration and Naturalization Service


In cases where diplomats become involved in criminal investigtions, they may not be handcuffed (except for extreme circumstances) copies of all reports will be forwarded to ____  and ____.

Organized Crime/Intelligence Unit and the Department of State.