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actual places - heaven

John 14:6 - fundamentalists
rev 21
matt 25, away to the eternal fire
Res body 1 cor 15
+ Peter Lombard. 30
+ methodius of Olympus, melted
+ richard baxter, focus is on god not family
- Peter cole, queue to see JC?
- williams, is it desirable?


spiritual - heaven

Romans 14:17, peace and joy
Hughes, conditional immortality. potential through imago dei. belief of JC. heaven is immortality of soul

+Swinburne, possible to have disembodied existence - Davies
+ .s. lewis. union with god. bible is symbolic e.g. doves
+ gunthrie, presence of god
- mat 25
- ryle
- Dawkins


only few xians will be saved plan

J 14:6
Aug: OS; gods grace; predestined; loving; single/double predestination
+ Calvin, predestination; limited knowledge; J by f

Unlimited election
1 tim 2:3-4
Barth, JC is elect
- fundamentalists
- don Carson, human resp

John 14:2
Hick, imago dei, v of Sm,
+ barclay, kolasis aionios
- free will, c.s. Lewis
- card rat, pb XVI, no point to Jc


actual place - hell

Rev 20 fire eternal, tormented day and night for ever - split between premillennialists and amillenialists and post millennialists
luke 16, rich man and Lazarus

+ Aug, eternal lake of fire. children can go to hell
+ dante 9 circles e.g. not baptised, lust, upper hell .... traitors, lower hell
+ Edwards, doesn't love u
+ stump, will make them comfortable
+ Craig, can obliterate knowledge of lost people for those in heaven
- hume
- hick
- scheliermacher, misery in hell would undermine happiness of those in heaven


purgatory as literal

purifying fire
state of grace
2 maccabees 12:39-45
RCC, cannot be unclean in heaven. can shorten time through mass

+ origen, purifying fire
+ augustine, same fire as in hell
+ pope greg, second council of Lyons. possibility of forgiveness


spiritual - hell

2 thess 1:9, separation from god
Matt 27, why did you abandon me
C.s. Lewis, being cut off from god love

Ari papanikolaou, symbols
ccc, separation from god; mortal sins


spiritual - purg

hick, Vale of SM
pope JP 1999. state of being

+ rainier, meta place
+ dante, symbol of persons moral and spiritual life. epistemic distance, taster
+ kant
- Aug


general views of heaven

- single present
- eternity is non temporal whole
- will be judged against If they live message of Jesus
- hell is gods judgement

- immortality = eternal presence in divine memory
- selective memory
- heaven and hell = metaphors for polar opposites in experience od divine

- live in infallible memory, immrortal existence in that
- god remembers the good and bad
- evil is eternalised



god judgement happens now

luke 16
irneaues, will live in intermediate state


heaven and hell are eternal

+ augustine
+ hughes
+ tillich

- lewis
- pannenberg
- hick