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procedural (williams)

1963 – 80% religious, 2013 – 42%

casanova, hard to define sec
1. Decline of religious belief and practice in modern society
2. Privatisation of religion
3. Secular separation of spheres of state, economy and science to be set free from any religious intervention e.g. state funded RCC schools



schools and education
human rights and equality
public ethical issues



neuroses come from repression by religion and society e.g. 10 comm
leads people to replace sexual drive with promise of afterlife
re is cause of psychological illness
mass delusion
- eagleton, marxist. re can contribute to society (+dawkins)

wish fulfilment
Oedipus complex
god = father figure
e.g. medical student refound faith following dissection of old lady. F said it was a hallucinatory psychosis, must obey father
- ward, re is upheld by so many people
- plantinga, no evidence for wf

god as illusion
children have routines like RE
universal obsessional neurosis
link between RE and OCD
rational people will realise it is an illusion
+ Weinberg, god is a nightmare
+ comte, society will go through 3 stages. Theo to meta to science
- marchant, re is good for you



by-product of evolution
- lack of evidence for RE
- source of comfort, allows us to survive
- memetic natural selection. beliefs evolve e.g. islam vs. xianity
- beauty of world = ev
+ bloom, natural tendency for children to have dualistic mindset
- mcgrath, science and re can compliment

- islamic head dress
- conflict
- religion is a label, leads to marginalisation
+ singer, animals
- re can be good, marchant
- ford, atheism can be harmful

child abuse
- baptism = sexual abuse. long term damage
- circumcision
- hell houses, priests manipulate
- faith school