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Ruether general

social reconstructionism RCC
full humanity of women


ruehter paras

view of god
- god is against oppressive structures e.g. Luke 4:18-19
- ultimate reality
- Yahweh, isaiah 42 v 13 vs. 4

view of jc
- critical of depiction of JC as warrior. son off god depicted as dcvidic king, reflection of disappointment with kings. h, JC acted like servant. masculinity added by later writers
- logos excludes women. jc is not only male part of go but also incarnation of female wisdom e.g. wisdom of Solomon
+ HS, Xian iconography

tackle sexism
- women church movement
- language is based on apophatic assumption
- god/ess, analogy


eval of ruether

+ trible, hermeneutic of suspicion
+ storkey, JC
+ moltmann, female characteristics
- chan, cannot rewrite Xian tory
- Hampson, xianity and fem is incompatible
- slee, male is still norm


daly general

(American radical post-Christian feminist theologian)
- Clear influence of Simone de Beauvoir on her work
- 1999 – refused to allow men in her lectures, dismissed from lectureship

influenced by Nietzsche
appollonian vs. dionsyian
be-ing = creative process.



image of god
- if god is male, male is god
- patriarch in sky
- filters into society
- castrate supreme phallus
- change must take place in women

criticises church fathers
- aquinas
- augustine
-- bonhoeffer
- flecher

3 types of gods
- exlanation

language of transcendence
current lang is product of patriarchy
e.g. spinster

rape genocide war
- rape: JC sacrifice, male enjoyment of pain. Mary is rape victim.
- genocide: church didn't help jews

- quintessence, a being
- embrace paganism
- holy trinity of power justice and love
- lesbian separatism


eval of daly

+ bible, judges 19:24
+ christ. replace god with goddess of humanity and nature
+ Hampson
+ ahluwalia, goddess names call ora action
+ tong, ecofeminism
+ starhawk, axiality is beyond repair

- storkey, gal 3
- chan. language does not remove sexism. trinity is for all
- forienza
- soskice
- trible, hermeneutic


ruether vs. daly

both recognise patriarchal nature of institutionalise xianity

both use language

daly rejects xianity vs. ruether reconciles it



social institutions must be redefined
women have internalised passive attitudes

hemerneutic act. JC. Xian tradition is male

must demand radical change of structures. need everyones help

mary = dichotomy of virgin;/whore as seen in policy on contraception
mary magdalene = depicted as a sinner, first to see JC e.g. Luke 8



trinity = guards androcentrism
Jesus is saviour because he is human, not male

must desexualise language. replace Macs trinity with creator, redeemer, sustainer
emphasise fem features of HS

h... problems, depersonalises etc.