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3 types of conflict

- Task conflicts
- regarding content and outcome of the task
- Relationship conflicts
- regarding interpersonal issues
- Process conflicts
- regarding logistics of task accomplishment


2 types of moderators of the effects of conflict

- Contextual characteristics
- co-occurence of conflict types
- task type
- organizational context
- cultural context
- Methodological characteristics
- average level of intragroup conflict
- setting
- subjects
- conflict scale
- operationalization of group performance
- measurement of performance
- publication status


2 outcome types of the effects of conflicts

- Proximal group outcomes
- emergent states:
- cognitive, motivational, aand affective states of
groups, such as intra-group trust and cohesion
- group viability:
- reflects group member affect and behavioral
intentions and is represented by members'
intention to remain working in the group as well as
group member satisfaction and commitment
- Distal group outcomes
- group performance:
- innovation, productivity, and effectiveness


The effects of conflicts are dependend on...

- Type of conflict
- Context studied
- Methods used


Main effects and moderators

- Task conflict and group performance more positively related (no strong and negative association)
- Stable negative relationships were found between relationship and process conflict, and group outcomes
- 3 types of conflict are more negatively related to proximal group outcomes than to distal group outcomes
- Overall association of relationship and process conflict with group performance is more uniformly negative
- None of the studies on process conflict reported a positive association of process conflict with emergent states and group viability


Factors that may explain when conflict is more negatively or positively related to group outcomes

- Type of conflict
- Type of outcome
- Correlation between task and relationship conflict
- Organizational level
- How variables are operationalized and measured