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3 kinds of (bad apple) behavior

- Jerk behavior (attacks and insults others)
- Defining behaviors: ridiculing/insulting, making
inappropriate religious or ethnic remarks, cursing,
playing mean pranks, publicly embarrassing others
- Slacker behavior (does less than they can)
- Defining behaviors: Shirking, free riding, social
- Depressive pessimist behavior (violates norms of
- Defining behaviors: Fail to engage in emotional
regulation or emotional labor to uphold group


Effects of actor's behavior in experiments

- Profound effect as groups that had actor showing bad
apple behavior performed worse
- Dramatic effect on the way people in the groups
treated each other
- People would argue and fight
- People would not share relevant information
- People would communicate less
- Spillover effect showed as members started to take on the bad apple characteristics


What was different about the group where the bad apple did not spoil the barrel?

- One guy was a particularly good leader (son of a
- Leader had amazing diplomatic ability to defuse
conflict that would normally emerge from bad apple
- Leader would ask questions
- Leader would engage all team members and diffuse