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What is the following example:
"Speedbird 389, Cleared to Daventry bia the welin departure, climb and maintain FL50, contact london 118.825, Squawk 3124

Route Clearance


What is the radio suffix for a flight information service.



Regarding VDF bearings or headings, what does the code QDM mean

Magnetic heading (assuming no wind) for the aircraft to fly, to the ground station


You are approaching controlled airspace in VMC without clearance to enter when you suffer complete radio failure. Which of the following statements correctly describes what you should do?

You should stay clear of controlled airspace and land at the nearest suitable aerodrome


You are at Kemble, where the ATSU has the callsign 'Kemble Radio'. You advise the radio operator that you are now ready for departure. Which of the following would be Kemble's reply?

'G-HY No known traffic, wind 180 at 4 knots'


LARS is normally provided up to and including:



You are at flight level 60, and receive a request to report your level to ATC. In what format would you pass this information?

'flight level six zero'


How should you read back the Wessex Regional Pressure Setting of 1000 hPa?

'Wessex wun zero zero zero'


Can a FISO (Flight Information Service Officer) using the callsign 'Burton Information' issue (or pass) a message prohibiting you from landing at the aerodrome?

Yes, providing that the FISO is passing a message from the aerodrome authority


The transmission of information relating to air navigation that is not addressed to specific stations is known as a



With respect to secondary surveillance radar, what does the radio instruction 'Squawk Ident' mean?

Press the 'ident' button using the currently selected transponder code


Using VHF, how would you transmit your heading of due west?

Heading Too Seven Zero Degrees'


You are in contact with Thurston Approach on 123.125 MHz when you experience engine failure. There is a LARS service ('Thurston Radar') available on 126.6 MHz. To whom should you make your distress call?

Thurston Approach on 123.125 MHz


Air Traffic Control pass you a VDF bearing, of '225 Class Charlie'. Which of the following statements is correct?

It is accurate to within 10 degrees


You are in a Cessna 152, callsign G-AERO, when you hear a Mayday call from G-AKAS, a PA28 with engine failure making a forced landing 2 miles north of the Berry Head VOR. How would you initiate the radio call to Exeter Radar if you did not hear Exeter respond to the PA28's distress call?

'Mayday Mayday Mayday, Exeter Radar, G-AERO, have intercepted Mayday from G-AKAS, PA28 ...'


Which of the following types of radio message categories carries the highest priority?

Communications related to direction finding


After a call has been made, a period of at least ______ should elapse before making a repeat call. What are the missing words?

ten seconds


You are at hold Alpha, ready to depart from an aerodrome with the callsign 'Wolverhampton Information', where the circuit direction is right hand. After reporting 'ready for departure', how would Wolverhampton be expected to respond?

'G-CF Take off at your discretion, wind calm'


A 'land after' clearance cannot be given:

at night


Which of the following pieces of information must be read back to the air traffic controller?

An altimeter setting


If you require a MATZ penetration service, you must make contact using the appropriate frequency, no less than:

Either 15 nm or 5 minutes flying time from the MATZ boundary, whichever is the sooner


What function allows you to monitor your transmitted audio while making a radio transmission?



Which of the following is the correct way of passing your estimate of arrival at 0840 to the air traffic controller?

'four zero'


You are approaching to land at an aerodrome that is using the callsign suffix 'Information'. After calling 'Final', you are passed the message 'Golf India Golf, land at your discretion, surface wind 160 at 04'. What should your reply be?

'Roger, landing, Golf India Golf'


What readability classification should be used to describe a VHF radio transmission that is unreadable?

Readability 1


What should you do if you are advised to 'Standby' by ATC?

Wait for ATC to call you back


What does the callsign suffix 'Radio' indicate?

You are receiving an air/ground communication service


Which of the following types of flight information service are based on information derived from an ATS surveillance system?

Traffic, Deconfliction


Where can you find details of the nominated service units that are able to provide you with information on the status of Danger Areas?

Both the AIP and some aeronautical charts will provide this information


Which of the following pieces of information does not have to be read back to the air traffic controller?

Details of conflicting traffic