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What is the correct definition of 'Air Traffic'?

All aircraft in flight or operating on the manoeuvring area of an aerodrome


You are airborne in G-KMOO overhead Cardiff Docks at 2000ft when ATC ask you to make a position report. Given that it is now 1347 and you are estimating reaching Swansea at 1406, how would you reply?

'G-KMOO, overhead Cardiff Docks, 47, 2000ft, Estimating Swansea 06'


If you were passed an instruction which sounded like 'G-FC squawk 7382', what should your reply be?

'Say again squawk, Golf Foxtrot Charlie'


In your aircraft G-BWZH, on departure you were requested to 'report passing FL80' on your climb to FL90. You are now passing FL80. How should the message be phrased?

'Golf Zulu Hotel, passing flight level ait zero'


An aircraft, piloted solo by a PPL suffers an engine fire 2nm south of Swansea, and makes the call 'Mayday, Mayday, Mayday, Swansea Approach, G-BGHY, Cessna 152, Engine fire...'. Which of the following options correctly describes the rest of the call?

'Intend landing Swansea, 2 miles south of Swansea, 2000 ft, PPL, 1 Person on board'


You are in the visual circuit, downwind to land at Caernarfon, where the ATSU is 'Caernarfon Radio'. You make the radio call 'G-HT Downwind'. What reply would you expect from the radio operator if you are the only aircraft in the circuit?

'G-HT, Roger, no known traffic'


A pilot is receiving a Deconfliction Service. If the controller identifies conflicting traffic, what information will be passed to the pilot?

Details of the traffic, together with avoiding action


Up to (and including) what level is a LARS service normally provided?



You are at hold Alpha, ready to depart from an aerodrome with the callsign 'Wolverhampton Information', where the circuit direction is right hand. After reporting 'ready for departure', how would Wolverhampton be expected to respond?

'G-CF Take off at your discretion, wind calm'


You call 'final' to land at your destination, and receive the reply 'Golf Golf Lima, continue approach, surface wind 265 at 08'. What does this mean?

You may continue the approach but you do not have clearance to land


Scillies Approach is controlling a ditching incident involving an aircraft in a state of 'distress'. If Scillies Approach wish to impose radio silence on the aircraft G-CHAT, how would they do so?

G-CHAT, stop transmitting, Mayday


What name is given to the aeronautical communication frequency used to enable pilots to broadcast their intentions to other aircraft that may be operating on (or in the vicinity of) the aerodrome?



Which flight information service provides surveillance derived information to assist the pilot, but without any requirement for the establishment of separation minima?



What is an 'Aeronautical Station'?

A land station in the aeronautical mobile service (may also be on a ship or earth satellite)


Which of the following pieces of information does not have to be read back to the air traffic controller?

Details of conflicting traffic


You are passed a conditional clearance to taxi to the holding point defined as 'Alpha'. Which of the following instructions issued by ATC is correct?

Golf Bravo Hotel, behind the Cherokee, taxi hold Alpha, behind


What is a DACS?

Danger Area - Clear Situation (i.e. this acroynm confirms you are clear to enter the area)


ATC pass a 'land after' clearance to land, with another aircraft at the far end of the runway. When can this 'land after' clearance be issued, and who is responsible for maintaining a safe separation from the aircraft at the far end of the runway?

The clearance can only be issued during daylight hours, The pilot of the landing aircraft


Which of the following is an 8.33 kHz channel?



How should you read back an altimeter setting of 1020 hPa QNH?

QNH wun zero too zero


How would ATC instruct you to change to a different frequency and then wait for that station (Coningsby Tower) to call you?

G-BG Standby 123.4 for Coningsby Tower'


What does the term WILCO mean

I understand the message and will comply


SAFTEYCOM messages will only be made within what distance of the airfield



What is the correct order for the priority of messages

Distress - Highest Priority
Flight Safety
Direction Finding
Routine - Lowest Priority


G-TUZX will be abbreviated to what?



You have established contact with an ATSU and hear a distress on the same frequency but no response from the ATSU. What should you do.

relay the message making it clear you are not the one in distress and await instructions from the ATSU


A pilot climbs to an altitude of 2000ft, what altimeter subscale should be set?



You received a 2 from a radio check, what does this mean?

readable now and then


how should QNH 998 be read back over the radio

Niner Niner Ait Hectopascals


Regarding VDF bearings or headings, what does the code QDR mean

Magnetic bearing from