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Which of the following signals displayed in the signals square has the same meaning as a black ball suspended from a mast?

A white disc at the head of a white 'T' shape


When encountering an area of horizontal wind shear, the most significant and immediate influence is on the aircraft's:

air speed


You are taxying at night, when you see a white flashing light directed to you from the control tower. What should you do?

Return to your starting point


A pilot arriving at a busy aerodrome is asked to delay their arrival. If the fuel state is becoming critical, the pilot should alert ATC to the need for a priority landing by:

declaring an emergency


An aircraft is on a heading of due north at 100 kts indicated air speed, and it encounters a severe horizontal wind shear event in which the wind suddenly changes from 170/30 to 350/05 for a few seconds. What effect will this have on the aircraft?

It will suddenly gain airspeed and will briefly rise


What is the status of Noise Abatement Procedures (NAPs) published by an aerodrome?

Compliance is subordinate to the safe conduct of flight


If a runway shows a change of colour due to moisture, it is described as:



When flying into an area of wind shear (with vertical and horizontal components) the immediate consequence will be to change the aircraft's:

airspeed and wing angle of attack


You are on the base leg of an approach to an aerodrome at night. You see a steady red light beamed at you from the control tower. What should you do?

Give way to other aircraft and keep circling


What should you do if your anti-collision light(s) fail during a flight conducted between the hours of sunrise and sunset?

Continue, provided the light is repaired at the earliest practicable opportunity


An aircraft is landing on runway 31, and is maintaining a stable 70 kts on a short final approach. Suddenly, the pilot encounters a horizontal wind shear event, where the wind changes from 320/18 to 310/03 for a few seconds. What will be the most noticeable effect from the pilot's point of view?

The aircraft will lose air speed and sink


You are taxying towards the runway, and arrive at the holding position. How is this marked?

Two solid lines and two broken (dashed) yellow lines


If your engine caught fire, burned through the mounts and then became detached from the airframe, what would the consequence be?

The aircraft would become uncontrollable


What does a green flare indicate, when fired FROM an aircraft on approach to an aerodrome by night?

May I land?