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Why should an aircraft engine not be left idling for an extended period of time?

It may cause spark plug fouling


What happens to a magneto when the primary winding is earthed?

It is disabled


The nose cone of the propeller is known as the..

The spinner


If a gyroscope rotates more slowly than it should, what effect will this have on the associated instrumentation?

It will under read


Vacuum for gyro instrumentation is provided by a venturi tube on this aircraft. Gyro instrumentation will operate accurately and reliably:

after flying speed has been maintained for a few minutes


When taxying on the ground, you make a turn to the left. What should your AI (Attitude Indicator) show?

It should not show a turn


On an aircraft, where might you find a longeron?

In the fuselage


The full flow oil filter is very useful in keeping an engine clean, but it will not filter out:

lead sludge


What is the stall speed with flaps up described as in terms of the 'V' code?



You decide to check the accuracy of your turn coordinator by flying at an indicated rate 1 turn through 360 degrees. How long should this take?

2 minutes


Whilst in a turn to the right, you notice the balance ball is out to the left. What is happening, and how should you correct this?

The aircraft is skidding and you should decrease your right rudder input


The Certificate of Airworthiness (C of A) also incorporates the:

Flight Manual


Which of the following instruments measures dynamic pressure?

The ASI (Air Speed Indicator)


Your magnetos have become disconnected from the switch in the cockpit. What effect will this have?

The magneto systems will be permanently live even when switched off


Why does the airspeed indicator (ASI) not have a marker line for the maximum airspeed at which full movement of the control surfaces is permitted?

Because this maximum airspeed varies with aircraft weight


If the engine oil temperature and cylinder head temperature gauges have exceeded their normal operating range, you may have been:

operating with too much power and with the mixture set too lean


The CHT (Cylinder Head Temperature) gauge fitted to your aircraft shows that the temperature is too high. Which of the following will reduce this reading?

Richening the mixture


Aircraft brakes fitted to modern training aircraft (such as the Piper PA28 and Cessna 152/172) tend to be:

hydraulically operated disc brakes