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A plat map is used in which type of legal description?

lot and block


Anything that has been permanently attached to the land and becomes part of the real estate by way of its attachment is known as:

a fixture


How many acres are in the following legal descriptions? E 1/2 of SW 1/4 of NE 1/4 of Section 23

20 acres - read backwards:

Ne 1/4 of section 23 = 640 acres x 0.25 = 160 acres.

SW 1/4 of NE 1/4 = 160 acres x 0.25 = 40 acres

E 1/2 of SW 1/4 = 40 acres x 0.5 = 20 acres


In California, the body of law that regulates the use of water is known as the:

System of prior appropriation


A special right given to tenant farmers for planted crops is known as:

the doctrine of emblements


A full township contains:

23,040 acres


The north boundary of John's property has suffered a collapse caused by his neighbor digging a well. The neighbor has violated John's right to:

lateral support


A township contains 36 sections numbered consecutively beginning in the northeast corner of each section. how would the section directly south of section 16 be numbered?



An appurtenance:

  • -can be sold separately from the land
  • -is an interest that transfers with a piece of land when sold.
  • -may be air rights, water rights, mineral and/or gas rights, and support rights.
  • -answer is all of the above

Answer is all of the above


A metes and bounds description always:

begins and ends at the same identifiable point


A section of land, as used in the government survey method, may be described as: (check all that apply)

  • - 360 acres
  • - 640 acres
  • - 1760 yards x 1760 yards

-640 acres -1760 yards x 1760 yards


in what corner of a township would you find section 1?

northeast corner


There are two categories of attachments. They are:

natural and man made


a standard township would be:

36 square miles


To convey real property there must always be an accurate:

legal description


All of the following are types of adequate property descriptions, except:

  • -metes and bounds
  • -lot and block
  • -street and number
  • -government survey

street and number


Real property is defined as

land and everything permanently attached to it.


which of the following legal descriptions uses a principal meridian?

government survey


ownership of oil and gas is governed by the rule of



When determining if an item is a fixture, a court of law will apply which of the following costs?

The method of attachment, the adaptation of the item to real property, the intention of the annexor, and the agreement of the parties.