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Irma Craft, a real estate salesperson for Luckless Realty, has an arrangement with Rid  X Pest Control Services to receive a $25.00 referral fee for any customer she refers to Rid X. This arrangement is:

grounds for disciplinary action by the Commissioner


in California, real estate law is enforced by the

Real estate commissioner 


In California, A real estate license must be renewed every

four years 


The first renewal of a real estate license requires completion of _____ hours of continuing education during the previous four years



Copies of an offer to purchase a property must be given to the offeror

immediately upon obtaining the offeror's signature on the offer 


The commission rate to be given by a seller as set forth in the listing agreement is

negotiated between the broker annd seller 


All transactional documentation for listings, purchase and sale agreements, property management activities, exchanges, and trust account records must be retained for a period of

three years 


Larry is a broker representing Mark Wood in the sale of his house. Mark is in Europe for two weeks and cannot be reached. kellie jones, the buyer of the property, contacts Larry to advise him that the closing needs to be extended for one week. Larry, knowing that Mark will benefit from the extension because he will not be given possession of the house he has purchased until his ale closes, signs mark's name to an addendum extending the closing.


Larry has:

exceeded the scope of his authority and violated real estate law 


Trust funds are best defined as 

anything of value to be held for a client or customer 


Commingling is 

depositing trust funds with personal or business funds 


A Real Estate Commissioner candidate must have a minimum of five years real estate experience within the last ____ years to be appointed by the governer 



A broker may be disciplined for all the following except:

  • drawing commission from the trust account 30 days after it was earned
  • placing earnest money deposits into the brokerage's business acount and then transferring the funds to the trust account within three business days
  • failing to supervise an associated licensee
  • placing a definite expiration date in an exclusive listing agreement 

placing a definite expiration in an exclusive listing agreement 


A licensee hired by a broker to engage in real estate activity on behalf of the broker must:

  • never infer to a customer or client that they are in business for themselves
  • receive all compensation from the broker
  • be employed under the terms of a written agreement that documents their employment relationship
  • all of the above

all of the above 


If a salesperson quits or is discharged by his or her broker, the broker is required to return the salesperson's license within

three business days 


The Real Estate Fund and its Consumer Recovery Account is funded by

real estate license fees 


A real estate license entitles a licensee to represent a client in:

  • business opportunities 
  • property management activity
  • loan brokerage
  • all of the above

all of the above 


California real estate laws are found in the 

business and professions code 


to qualify for a broker's license, the applicant must

complete eight statutorily required college-level courses


A licensee can advertise a listed property by means of a blind ad when

the licensee can never distribute a blind advertisement