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Components of a corporate strategy

1. Define company vision and mission
2. Set company objectives (convert strategic mission into specific performance targets. Should be SMART. E.g. maximise profits.
3. Design the business (business portfolio analysis - specific, tailored, market based, SWOT, portfolio model (BCG and GE), value based planning).
4. Make SBU/functional plans. Obj strategies and tactics need to be set for SBUs.



Market growth on y axis, relative market share on x axis.

Star, cash cow, q mark, dog

Kodak: film camera = cash cow. Digital camera came out. Therefore have something to support just in case CC dies out



Industry attractiveness (vertical)
Business strength (horizontal)



Homogenous set of markets to serve wth limited number of technologies, unique set of product marketing s, control over factors necessary for successful performance, responsible for their own profitability


Sources of synergy

Brand (virgin - space ship), resource, knowledge/intellectual