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If the building is greater than five stories

The engine takes the outside position and Ariel parks next to the building


Places the maximum amount of stress on an aerial device and in some cases reduce its load carrying capacity

Long extensions in low angles


Electricity will Arc cross a gap as large as __ft

10 ft



The long-standing fire service standard has been to provide __ feet of clearance between the aerial device and overhead high-voltage lines energized from 600 to 50,000 V and __ feet of clearance for a high voltage transmission lines over 50,000 V

10 ft

50 ft


The apparatus is most stable when the aerial device is operated directly over the

Front of rear



Greatest ability occurs when this angle is approximately __° from in line and the aerial device is extended away from this angle.


Good stability occurs at angles up to 90°


Ideally, the truck should be operated in the ___ position with the aerial device directly in line to reduce stress



The maximum loading for any unsupported aerial device occurs when operated at angles between ___ from horizontal

70° and 80°



Most railroad companies advise that vehicles be kept at least __ feet from the tracks when possible.

25 ft

Keep the aerial device at least 25 feet above the level of the rails