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During the first ___ months after an apparatus is received, while the paint and protective coating are new and unseasoned, the vehicle should be washed frequently using cold water to harden the paint and keep it from spotting.

6 months

Wait 6 months for waxing


Two types of inspections are actually conducted during a walk around inspection:

Operational readiness inspection

Pre-trip Road worthiness inspection


NFPA 1911 requires that all tires be replaced every ___ years, regardless of their condition.

7 years



Newer apparatus may be equipped with electrical ___ ___ ___ that are intended to prevent an overload of the vehicles electrical generation system.

Load management systems:

Load sequencer and load monitor


In general, steering wheel play should be no more than a proximately ___ degrees in either direction.

10 degrees


NFPA 1901 in 1911, a side to side variance in weight should not exceed __ %




Apparatus with airbrakes are to be equipped with an air pressure protection valve that prevents airhorns or other nonessential devices from being operated when the pressure in the air reserve drops below ___ psi.

80 psi


Batteries can also give off ___ gas, which is highly explosive and a mere spark can ignite it

Hydrogen gas