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Act 1 scene 1 what is Richard?

Elevated in his position


Act 1 scene 1 - “the fair reverence of your highness”

Curbs me from giving reigns to my free speech - Richards elevation from diving right makes him great


Act 1 scene 1 - “we thank you both”

Reminds us of divine right


Act 4 scene 1 - “with mine own tears i wash away my balm....”

With mine own hands i give away my crown” - metaphor highlights Richard resuming control - gains respect


Act 4 scene 1 poetic language?

Elevates him in contrast to Bolingbroke


Act 5 scene 5 - “i have wasted time...”

And doth time waste me”


Act 5 scene 5 - “i have been studying how i may compare...”

This prison where i live unto the world” - remains majestic and grand in his speech - realises his mistakes