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Act 3 scene 2 - “the breath of worldly men cannot depose...”

The deputy elected by the lord” - ironic as moment his hubris is high leading to his downfall


“Not all the water in the rough rude...”

Sea will wash the balm off an anointed king” - hubris - downfall


“For gods sake let us sit on the ground and...”

Tell sad stories on the death of kings” - inactive king, turning point of play, moment he also becomes aware of his own fate - tragic downfall - heightens loss


Act 4 scene 1 - “was this the face that every day under his household roof did keep...”

Ten thousand soon my sorrow hath destroyed my face” - tragic loss and suffering - realisation of downfall


Act 4 scene 1 - Carlisle prophecies downfall of England “blood of English...”

“All pomp and majesty i do foreswear” - what England will loose


Act 4 scene 1 - “with mine own hands i...”

Give away my crown” - poetic language - loss of rightful king