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State the 5 assumptions made for the kinetic theory equation (5)

Molecules are point molecules
Molecules do not attract each other
Molecules move with continual random motion
All collisions are elastic
Time of collisions in negligible


How is work done on a gas calculated from a pressure against volume graph?

Area under the graph


Explain what is meant by specific latent heat of fusion (2)

The energy required to change one kg of an object from liquid to solid without changing temperature


Water is pumped througha heater in a hot tub, why is the temperature rise greater when the pump works at a higher speed? (2)

The pump is doing work on the water
Work can raise the temperature of the body


Use the kinetic theory of gases to explain why the pressure inside a football increases when the temperature of the air inside it rises. Assuming volume remains constant (3)

Molecules have a greater rms velocity
Number of collisions between molecules and inside surface of ball increases per second
pressure = F/A and F = rate of change of momentum