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When was the reformation?

1st May 1560


What was the reformation about?

About which form of religion was supposed to become dominate in Scotland


What significant event happened in the year of 1560?

The Scottish Popes authority was abolished and the Roman church lost power.

Mary Queen of Scots returned to Scotland from France after her husband died. She was claiming to the throne because if her father. Reformer did not like women rulers and Mary was old faith who didn’t want to be Protestant


What happened in 1567?

Mary abdicated to England where she became a prisoner to Queen’s Elizabeth the I and was beheaded.


Who was James 6th?

He was the son of Mary Queen of Scots, born in 1566. He became king.


What is Presbyterian?

Adopted by Scotland

A flat structure (not hierarchical) there were no Archbishops or bishops, etc.

The king or queen were just members of the church, they weren’t head of the church which was constitutionally important


What is episcopalian?

Adopted in England

It a hierarchical structure where you have the supreme governor (pope and king), Archbishop, bishops,deacons,rectors, etc.


What did Covenanters do to Charles II.

They forced him to deny Anglican supremacy. He was crowned king of Scotland


What happened to cannon law?

It was abolished as a direct source of law, became open to change but remained in place through civil law and secular law. Scottish Parliament was a higher status than canon law.


What was the point of the reformations?

That biblical authority was referred to the popes authority, interpret the bible yourself and don’t trust the pope or anyone else.


What year was the union of the crown ?



After the death of Queen Elizabeth I who inherited the throne and why was it important.

James the 6th became the next claimant, since he inherited birth English and Scots throne he became king of Britain


Why did the 17th century cause turmoil?

Because of the English civil wars


Who was Cromwell ?

He won the English civil war, invaded Scotland but after he died the monarchy was restored


Who became king after Cromwell died?

Charles the II, but he died


Who became king after Charles II?

James the 7th and 2nd, but since he was catholic they got rid of him.


What was the glorious revolution about?

This was the invasion by the Dutch- where William of Orange married James 7th daughter and invaded England so became Monarch of Scotland and England.


What significant near the end of the 17th century?

Scotland economic disaster: England had many overseas colonies, seeing this Scotland investor all of her wealth into the ‘Darien Scheme’ in Panama. Whilst ships of goods and people settled there a mosquito killed everyone and they lost everything. This caused Scotland to become bankrupt.


What’s significant about 1707?

The treaty of union/the union of parliament/the act of union.


Who insisted the 2 parliaments become 1?

Queen Mary


What did the Scots believe the treaty of union was?

That both nations abolished themselves/ceased to exist. Both nations merged into one new nation, Great Britain. ( legally they were right)


What did the English believe the act of union was?

The English Parliament had opened its doors to Scottish members, and they carried on with English procedures, rules, etc. But they merely absorbed Scotland whereas England carried on. (Politically they were right)


What was the provision of the treaty of union?

That Scots law remained as a separate legal system.


How did Scotland manage to keep this provision?

Due to stairs institution of the law of Scotland written 26 years before the union.


What does Stair’s book entail?

Roman law from Justinian’s (Roman emperor) institutions. He copied their structure but also took into account Scottish custom, court processes, etc. And melded them both together creating a Scottish legal system.