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Who was a Scot and the first to claim supremacy in Scotland

Malcolm II (1004-1034)


Who was the grandson of Malcolm II ?

Duncan I


Who was MacBeth?

He was King of Scotland from 1040-1057, he reigned for 17 years and claimed the throne through a matrilineal lineage from his wife Gruoch


Which battle was MacBeth defeated in and by whom was he defeated by?

He was defeated by the son of Duncan I, Malcolm III, in the battle of Dunninsane.


How did Malcolm III claim the throne?

He claimed the throne through a patrilineal lineage by his father and was king from 1058-1093


Who was the wife of Malcolm III, and why was she important?

Queen Margaret. She was a great influential and religious figure at the time.


What is the difference between primogeniture and tannists?

Primogeniture is succession through the eldest male in the family whereas tannism is succession through the eldest female.


How did the church contribute to the law?

They developed cannon law which is the law of morality, which was centralised in Europe at the time.


What is feudalism?

This is a pyramid type structure of society. Where you had the kings>earls/barons>knights>common people>peasants. This was a hierarchical structure of society at the time, where everyone knew their place.

This was important at the time as it began creeping into Scotland and was beneficial for those in power.


What were the 3 estates?

It was a type of Scottish Parliament (royalty,clergy and Burghs (towns folk)).


What year did the ‘Great Cause’ occurs in?



What happened in the year of 1286, and why was it significant?

The death of Alexander III, it was significant because his death resulted in the end of the Canmore dynasty, he had no heir after him-he had no son and his daughter already died.


Who was going to succeed Alexander III? Why was it unsuccessful?

His granddaughter, the Maid of Norway Margaret. But she died on her way to Scotland.


Who were the potential claimants to the throne after the maid of Norway?

John Balliol (primogeniture) and Robert Bruce (tannist).


How was it decided, who would be the next claimant to the throne? Why was this a bad method?

It was decided to ask Edward I to decide who would be king. But his condition was that they would have to swear allegiance to him first. Due to this Robert Bruce said no but John Balliol said yes so became King of Scotland.


What was the name of the battle of the wars of independence, where the Scots secured independence? And what was the year?

The Battle of Bannockburn, 1314


What was significant about 1320?

It was the ‘Declaration of Arbroath’ where Robert THE Bruce wrote a letter to the Pope declaring that no monarch had authority over Scotland and that he was in power because of the people and not the land.


Why were scot lawyers training on the continent?

Because the wars of independence didn’t allow them to reach England since it was cut off to them. They ended up going to Europe where they brought back cannon law, Roman law and the its commune.


What’s significant about the 15th century

Parliament begins to sit regularly and produces acts of Scottish Parliament. Such as education act 1496 and guardianship act 1474


What is significant about the year 1532?

Establishment of the court of sessions which is the highest court


What are Sinclair Patrick’s and Balfour Patrick’s collections of ?

Practical materials that tell you how to take a case to court