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anchor points for fall restraint systems must be capable of supporting

2 times the weight of the employee and the equipment attached.


safety nets must be installed no more than ______ below the working level.

30 feet


Minimum diameter an object must be to tie off to it

3 inches


Warning lines must be erected at minimum ______from the roof's edge.

6 feet


OSHA mandates that the ladder must be extended ____ rungs higher than the height of the roof.



The top of any building that is ____ or higher from the ground or lower structure is considered a rooftop

6 feet


Equipment used to arrest falls of employees that consists of an anchorage point, connecting equipment (lanyard) and body harness

Personal fall arrest system


Parapet requirements

1. capable of withstanding a force of at least 200 pounds 2. a height of 42 inches above working surface


definition of a low slope roof

A roof having a slope less than or equal to 4 in 12 (vertical to horizontal)


What type of fall protection can be used if you plan to work on a low-slope roof with a roof width 50 feet or less?

Safety Monitoring system


consists of equipment to keep an employee from reaching a fall point, such as the edge of a roof or the edge of an elevated working surface

Personal fall restraint system


A protective wall along the edge of a roof designed to protect employees from falling to a lower level



The anchorage point for a personal fall arrest system must be capable of supporting at least _______ pounds per employee



Where can a technician locate an inclinometer?

In the rooftop kit or you can download the Pitch Gauge App with your iOS device


3 requirements that apply 100% of the time a tech must go on a roof

1. Contact Supervisor
2. Complete a rooftop permit and have it signed by the trained supervisor
3. Supervisor must be onsite for duration of the job


Personal Fall Arrest Systems must be rigged so the technician will free fall no more than ____ feet



if a permit is required to work on a roof, who must sign the permit prior to an employee going on the roof?

A trained Comcast supervisor


Where must the D-ring attachment point for the body harness be located?

the center of the technician's back near the shoulder level


The requirements for working on flat roofs are separated into what two different categories?

1. Performing work that is within 15 feet from the edge of the roof
2. Performing work that is greater than 15 feet from the edge of the roof.


Safety Monitoring systems are NOT permitted alone on roofs more than ____ in width

50 feet


This is simply a person that is on the roof with you to make sure you do not get too close to the roof's edge

Safety Monitoring System


Height of guard rails should be between

39" to 45"