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Name of incentive that would provide a value card with a credit of $30, $60, or $120 applicable to Internet Essentials account

Opportunity Card


Internet essential speeds

Download speed up to 15 Mbps, upload speed up to 2 Mbps.


Modem is received with Internet Essentials

Customers opting for SIK receive XB2, Professional installations are installed with XB3


What additional can customers purchase as an Internet Essentials customer?

Customers can purchase up to 3 computers for just $149.99 each plus tax.


What comes free with Internet Essentials?

No equipment rental fees.
Access to free Internet training online, in print and in person.
Free Self-Install Kit (SIK) or Pro Install


What HotSpot Access comes with Internet Essentials?

40 one-hour Xfinity WiFi Hotspot sessions outside the home every 30 days.


What are ie three key components?

low-cost high-speed Internet service for $9.95 a month,
the option to purchase a computer for less than $150 and multiple options for digital literacy training


Who is internet essential designed for?

*Families with at National Lunch Program child(ren)
*Individuals and families receiving HUD housing assistance.
*Low-income veterans who live in our service area.
*Senior citizens in select markets.
*Community College Students


Complimentary brochures and ie
program materials are available in this many languages



Internet Essentials helps ____ low income Americans

6 Millions