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Benefits of short machine set up times?

-design ideas can be tested quickly
-short production runs can be effective
-fast reaction to fabric/garment orders is possible
-labour input can be minimised thus reducing costs


Why is having some form of individual needle selection good?

-different types of stitch can be produced on different needles, allowing colour or texture patterns to be knitted but at increasing costs


Other pros of weft knitting are?

-most machines can knit a range or yarn and all fibre types
-fabrics are comfy to wear and comfort to body well
-fabrics can often recover their shape after laundering


What are the cons of knitted fabrics? (6)

-some fabrics prone to spiral it's
-fabrics are generally not dimensionally stable
-may be prone to laddering
-unbalanced structures can curl at the edges
-not as strong or durable as woven or warp knitted fabrics made from similar fibres/yarns
-not normally wind or water resistant