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Call by

To stop and visit someone for a short time, especially when you are on your way to somewhere else


Call in

To make a short visit to a person or place, especially when you are going somewhere else


Call off

To stop an event that has been arranged from taking place
To order an animal or person to stop attacking someone


Call on

To visit someone for a short time
To formally and publicly ask someone to do something


Call round

To go to someone's house for a short time to visit them


Calm down

To stop feeling angry or upset


Carry off

To succeed in doing something different, especially when there is a good chance that you will fail
Затащить :)


Carry out

To do something that you have organised or planned


Cash in on

To make a profit from a situation or get an advantage from it, especially in a way that other people think is unfair or dishonest


catch up

to gradually get closer to a moving person or vehicle by moving faster than they move
To improve so much that you reach the same standart as someone elose who was better than you


change into

to become something completely different


change over to

to stop doing or using one system or thing and to start doing or using a different one instead


clear up

if an illness or infection clears up or if medicine clears up it gets better and disapperas
to put things back where that are usually kept and make a place clean and tidy
to solve a problem or deal with a disagreement
if the weather clears up it stops raining and becomes more pleasant


come across

to find something or meet someone by chance when you are not expecting that


come before

to be brought to a person or group in authority in order to be judged


come between

to spoil the relationship between two or more people by causig problems or arguments`


come out

if the true information about something comes out it becomes known especially after kept secret


come round

to become concious again for example after an accident or an operation


come to

to become concious again after an accident or operation


come up

if a subject name comes up in a conversation or meeting it is mentioned or discussed


come up with

to think of an idea plan or aswer


come upon

to meet someone or find something by chance or when you do not expect it


cut across

to interrupt someone by saying something


cut someone off

to take away someone's right to receive money or property when you die